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Preserving the Electric Commuter trains that served Wellington

About Us

Established in 2012 to secure the local preservation of the English Electric set known as Cyclops the trust has now added a Ganz-Mavag set to the fleet.  Long term is is hoped to operate the sets firstly in a musuem site and then if possible on the main network

Our Fleet

The Trust owns 2 Multiple Units

Cyclops: Cars D2411, DM556 and D2130 make up the last remaining single headlight English Electric set. New in 1954 it remained in service till 2011.

Ganz-Mavag: Built in Hungary in 1982-82 as part of a trade deal EM1505 and ET 3505 saw service till 2016.

Wish to help

WHMUPT has many ways you can help, 

Consider donatingvia the link above.

Become a member by contacting us via the contact form below.

Help at work parties.
 We would love to find welders to join our work parties to help cut out rust and other repair work.

Admin roles such as treasurer.